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Time Saver Technology, Inc. intends to further consolidate its expertise as the world’s largest provider of top-quality dialysis treatments and products. We give confidence to kidney patients to move forward in life with the help of their innovative technologies. We set ourselves apart by selling the best equipment, ensuring device efficiency.

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At Time Saver Technologies, Inc., we take our job seriously and deliver dialysis equipment to patients solving unmet medical needs. We are built on many years of professional experience and are united in our commitment to providing high-quality products and services to make medical and professional practices available to patient care.


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Technical / Clinical / Regulatory

With patient care and equipment operation, maintenance, and restoration, we also act to ensure regulatory, clinical, and technical compliance. Our technology equipment is designed with a single goal in mind: to create better care experiences for patients and providers.



In hemodialysis, your blood is cleaned through a dialysis machine, and a special filter called an artificial kidney or a dialyzer. For getting your blood into the dialyzer, access is made into your blood vessels. In the process of hemodialysis, the blood is pumped through a special machine, filtering out waste products and fluid.


Economic Benefits - US Market Only

In 2016, approximately 97,885,008 HD procedures (growing at 4%) were performed in the US. Direct annual measurable financial saving attributable to this technology includes (1) 75% dialysis center personnel costs ($8 billion) and (2) $5 billion Medicare payment for red blood cell stimulating drugs. Unpublished financial savings are the (1) equivalent value 627,468 ESRD patients.

Market / Revenue Opportunity - US Market Only

The US hemodialysis market represents 22% of the global market. The value of this new technology accruing to should be expected to be a factor of the above-named savings over the life of the patent. Simply calculated, assuming a $25.00 royalty payment per procedure using the technology during the first five years, the NPV of the technology would be >$900 million dollars discounted 50%. (1) Disclosure Subject to CNDA

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